Tongue piercing enables patients to control wheelchairs

A new device allows paralyzed people to drive their wheelchairs with flicks of their tongue

Mother and daughter donate kidneys to strangers without hesitation

Reenie Harris and her daughter, Natasha Kruse, each became an "altruistic" kidney donor in the past year-and-a-half, and say they've never had any doubts about the decision

‘Green’ Cleaning Products To Avoid

These "all natural" products cause more harm than good

Marijuana and multiple sclerosis

Medical marijuana may help MS

Marijuna may be able to help people with multiple sclerosis. It won’t cure the disease, of course….

Green tea

It’s a tea to remember

Remember the 2005 “Doctor Who” Christmas special when the Sycorax invaded Earth? C’mon, you remember. The Doctor…

Heroin antidote

FDA approves easy-to-use heroin overdose antidote

WASHINGTON (AP) — Friends and family will be able to take the first step to save a…

Facebook celebrates Autism Awareness Day with anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy pic

On this year’s World Autism Awareness Day, held every April 2, Facebook’s official charity page shared an image from actress Jenny McCarthy. The “Non-Profits on Facebook” page shared the image, which read, “We support World Autism Awareness…

Editorial: Autism Awareness Month begins amid latest troubling N.J. statistics

As Autism Awareness Month begins today, new information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention definitively show the issue merits much more attention. The rate has more than doubled since a 2002 CDC survey. As Kathleen O’Brien reported…

6 Meals & Snacks That’ll Help You Burn More Calories

Diet and Fitness News March 31, 2014 | By Allie Burdick | Leave a Comment “Food is fuel,” they say, and it turns out “they” might be on to something, particularly if that fuel is packed with protein: A new study in the Journal of Science and Medicine…

Pakistan to vaccinate 750,000 children in troubled northwest

Pakistani health teams will Sunday launch a drive to vaccinate some 750,000 children in the troubled northwest, with thousands of police guarding against attacks by militants who claim the polio campaign is a front for spying. The campaign in Peshawar…

Study: NJ Has Highest Rate of Autism

By Christie Duffy Correspondent Of the 11 states studied by the Center for Disease Control, New Jersey was found to have the highest rate of autism. One out of every 45 children in the Garden State has some form of autism. Dr. Walter Zahorodny analyzed…

caregiver picture from 2blue

Could caregiving actually be good for you?

  It’s long been assumed that caring for a spouse, relative, or friend, while often necessary and…

Sex and diabetes

Diabetes can be a real mood killer

“Not tonight, dear. I have diabetes.” That line could be more common than men with diabetes might…

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